Just a glimpse

So I guess this whole blog thing does not just start itself. I have had it set up and ready to go for about a month now and I have no idea how or where to get started. I was going to say that my life is an open book, but it is actually a lot of open books, or maybe one of those choose your own adventure books. Expect randomness. This is not JUST a mom blog. It is a mom blog, a wife blog, a life blog. Any and every random little tidbit I feel like sharing. I just hope my husband won't be the only  one who reads this. I love you Joey! So here goes nothing......
Gavin has been sick now for what seems like a month! Hopefully this second round of antibiotics and the inhaler will nip this in the bud.  The inhaler should be interesting...I expect to be posting pictures of that little adventure soon.  So since this sickness keeps getting bounced back and forth I have learned that I have given birth to the poltergeist. I now know to expect projectile vomiting with the slightest sign of a viral infection...yes, even common cold.  I have never been one to blow chunks so this is all new to me. In the past 2 months he has spewed more than I have in my entire life and I am learning to deal with it one towel and clorox wipe at a time.  I think I should blame my friend Daphne for always saying "Crystal Ann! Crystal Ann...come to the light!" (like Carol Ann in Poltergeist) in high school.  So since all Gavin will eat and drink are peaches and milk....my house and my family smell like Peaches and Cream Gavin style....yuck!
Note to self: When they say stick to the BRAT diet....stick to it!! (bananas, rice,applesauce and toast)