My Kitchen Needs Some Spice!

I am thinking of painting the kitchen. I really like the color green we have in there now, but I feel like I need a change. 3 years of green is long enough don't you think?  So this is the color I was thinking....I absolutely love it! It is called Woodlawn Blue and it is from Benjamin Moore's historic collection.
What do you think? This is what we have now.......


  1. hmmm they both look like a shade of green to me. But I like the first one WAY better than the darker color! :)

  2. I like the new color...but it also looks like a shade of green to me!

  3. I checked the blog after you guys said it looks green, and it does from my phone too! It is actually a blue...very close to the color of the blog background. And the green looks hideous on my phone...oh well. I will try and post links later of different pics. =0)