Culinary Adventures

Those of you who have young children know what it is like to take your family out for dinner. The outing that once used to be relaxing and enjoyably can sometimes become quite the opposite.  First, your toddler decides that he will just die of starvation if he has to wait 15 minutes at a table for food, so you give him a little cup of fruit loops to hold him over or at least take his attention for 5 more mintutes. But he decides that it is so fun to shake the cup and then everyone within a 6 foot radius gets to enjoy a fruit loop or two as a side their entree.  Then comes plan B, the cereal bar, this is the one that works long enough until you get your food. The problem with that one is that he will scarf the thing down, get full and then have a meltdown because he is ready to go.  The trick to that method is to give it to him a little piece just when he is about to just freak the freak out. Yes that is the name of a song from a show on Nickelodeon.  If you do it this way, it is sure to work, and you may even get to taste a few bites of your own meal before you decide to give up and get a to go box.  I guess the easier thing to do is to take him for a little walk around outside for a few minutes while waiting for the entree, but then what is the point in going for a nice dinner out? So after 21 months of experience...yes it took me that long....I have decided that easiest thing to do is to just order it all to go or just cook at home!!! Here is a picture of our latest adventure....This poor man was his unsuspecting victim..... The wrapper went flying (from his cereal bar) and landed on this mans back, I was too embarrassed to pick it off and after about 10 minutes it somehow ended up in his pants!!

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