A summer of Unfortunate Events

I have not been able to keep up with blogging like I had wanted to so I will give some updates. I won't go too far into detail because I feel like a couple of the things that happened this Summer deserve their own entries. Too much to talk about. Okay, so to kick off the Summer we planned a very nice vacation in St. Augustine Florida. My parents were going to meet us out there for a few days to relax and spend time with Gavin..and us of course. The day before we leave to go on Gavin's first beach trip EVER, he dropped a huge garden stone on his poor little toe and busted it all up.  Poor thing! He did end up losing the nail on that toe. That really did no stop him from enjoying himself though. I think what killed this trip for him was Memorial Day. It will sure be a memorable Memorial Day for me!! He got bitten by a Cottonmouth snake (aka water moccasin) right on the edge of the patio!! My 20 month old baby got bit by a freaking venomous snake right in front of my face and there was nothing I could do to stop it. He is okay...don't worry. I will give all the details in another blog.  Okay, I am not done yet. My mother has also been to Hell and back This Summer. She had a routine outpatient surgery for a hernia that turned into a nightmare.  Long story short (for now..that will be a future entry too), It went from outpatient to inpatient, on and off oxygen, discharged and spent a week or so at home, ambulance, Icu, pneumonia, ventilator, oxygen, ventilator again, lung surgery,kidney failure, physical rehab in a nursing home, blood clot, walkers, canes, to now 2 months later she is starting to feel normal again. A lot to take in. All resulting from a careless physician and his staff who did not follow procedure correctly and for allowing my mother to be over medicated for what should have been a simple procedure. I have been so stressed out these last few months that my hair was literally falling out.  Here is to hoping for a better rest of 2011!!

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