Dancey Dance Party!

Oh wow this is late. Better late than never though I guess. Gavin's 3rd birthday is like 2 months away and I am just now sharing with you a few of the details of his 2nd birthday party. If you can't tell by the title, his theme was Yo Gabba Gabba. He loved those weird little creatures so much! I made most of the decorations myself with a little help from the hubs.
DJ Lance boomboxes out of animal cracker boxes

                not sure why this uploaded sideways..but you get the idea

 I did order the hats and napkins online. The backgrounds I found on the Nickjr website along with some more really cool printables for that show. We made the faces on the buckets and balloons ourselves on paint or Gimp or one of those programs...I really can not remember since it has been so long.  Then printed them onto sticker paper.  Cutting them out took forever and a day and probably gave me carpal tunnel syndrome, but it was worth it. He loved it.  I made some character cutouts for the lollipops and put character faces on the buckets. they were so cute! He actually used one of them as his Halloween trick or treat bucket later on. yay.  Well , I could go on and on about all the little details but I really don't have time today. I just wanted to share a couple ideas with ya. Enjoy!

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